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How IFTTT Enabled Devices Can Help Your Hearing

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You may already own appliances or electronics with in-built smart technology, such as your phone, TV or thermostat. Home automation technology or the Internet of things allows you to control many commonly used electronics to make them behave more efficiently or in a manner that better suits your daily lifestyle. However, you may be surprised to learn that this technology is also available in certain hearing aids. Not sure what an IFTTT enabled device is, or what the uses are? Here are some key details and benefits to help demonstrate how an IFTTT enabled device may help your hearing.

What is IFTTT?

If This Then That (IFTTT) is an online service that connects smart devices and apps through simple conditional statements. Breaking the statement down, ‘If This’ is a trigger, for example a weather app signaling rain, and ‘Then This’ is the action, which would be a notification automatically sent to your phone reminding you to take an umbrella with you. This allows you to set up automated responses and controls between multiple smart objects and online platforms, providing you have Internet connectivity.

How does this work with a hearing aid?

You may not think that a hearing aid counts as smart technology, however by choosing an IFTTT enabled device, you can sync your hearing aid with a number of devices to help with everyday tasks. Please be aware that this software only works with certain devices and apps, a list of which can be found on the IFTTT website.

What would I need to do?

Before purchasing an IFTTT enabled device, you will need to make sure that you have the required internet access, devices and apps. You will then need to create an IFTTT account and install the software or app that is required for the smart hearing aid, as well as any devices you wish to sync it with.

What can I use it for?

As long as you have access to the internet and the relevant devices, you can create a wide range of conditional statements that sync your smart hearing aid to everyday smart objects. For example, if you own a doorbell that has a qualifying app, you can set up a statement that alerts you through your hearing aid any time someone rings the doorbell. When the laundry is done, you could get a voice alert in the hearing aid telling you to go get it. With so many appliances now available with smart technology built in, you could have numerous actions set up with your TV, washing machine, central heating and more. You could even use this feature to tell you via email message if a loved ones hearing aid is running low on batteries.

Whilst smart technology has been designed to make life easier, you may still find yourself unsure as to how this can work with your hearing aid. If you wish to find out more about how an IFTTT enabled device can benefit you, give our hearing care professionals a call on (212) 786-5741 or click here to request an appointment online.

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