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Do You Need a Back-Up Hearing Aid?

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Although a spare pair of hearing aids isn’t a necessity, they certainly come in handy when needed. You may already have back-up items that you’ve become accustomed to using in your daily life, like glasses.

Here are 4 reasons you may need a back-up hearing aid: 

  1. When you’re charging your existing pair of hearing aids.
  2. To have an extra pair in your office or purse, in case anything happens to your main hearing aids (or worse, you forget them).
  3. When you’re traveling. If anything happens to your primary hearing devices when you’re away from home, a back-up hearing aid is very useful. They will ensure you can continue to hear well, even if you’re not immediately able to get in touch with your local hearing care professional.
  4. Safety. A non-functioning hearing aid could increase risks of injury or accidents, as it impacts your ability to hear any distractions or dangers. A back-up hearing aid can mitigate these risks.

How Can I Get A Back-Up Hearing Aid?

Purchasing a second pair of hearing aids isn’t always an option. Hearing aid technology is constantly evolving and advancing, and you may find that newer hearing aid models are more suited to your requirements. If you do decide to upgrade, keep your old hearing aids! They can then function as your spare set.

Replacing your older models with newer models also allows you to take advantage of some of the latest advancements, such as:

Having a back-up hearing aid can help you avoid inconveniences. If you’d like to explore the latest advancements in hearing aid tech, come in and meet the hearing professionals at Sutton Hearing & Balance. Give our team a call on (212) 786-5741 or click here to request an appointment online.

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