Meet Dr. Aaron Krasnick

Aaron Krasnick, Au.D., is the doctor of audiology whom you will meet during your first appointment at Sutton Hearing & Balance. He is unlike any other audiologist in the city because he brings a very unique combination of education and experience to the field of audiology. Prior to pursuing his doctoral degree in audiology at the City University of New York, Dr. Krasnick leveraged his bachelor’s degree in music and audio engineering from the University of Massachusetts into a career as a professional sound engineer. He became skilled at working with sound in a wide variety of applications, ranging from the recording studio, concert stage, living room, theater and beyond. After working in this field for several years after college, he decided to redirect his talents for working with sound into a much more people-oriented profession and went back to school.

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What can Dr. Krasnick do for you?

Dr. Krasnick’s diverse range of experiences have given him an intimate knowledge of how people from all walks of life and different professions interact with sound. While his doctoral degree in audiology has equipped him with a deep understanding of the physiology of the human auditory system and the treatment of hearing loss, it is his years of working at the intersection between sound and people that differentiates him from other hearing providers.

People experience sound in a different ways. Some people like their sounds to be intense, while others prefer them to be subtle. Many people have a difficult time explaining how they experience their world of sound and it is my job to help them figure out what it is that they desire in order to help them on their hearing journey.

Dr. Krasnick has an uncanny ability for listening to how the hearing impaired describe their problems with sound, and can quickly identify and address any problems when they arise. He understands how to ask the right questions to help his patients find the answers they need quickly. This results in a fast and effective treatment process.

“The act of hearing should not require a great deal of effort or brain-power. Sounds are supposed to tickle your ears and flow up towards your brain without any speed-bumps along the way. People should not have to work hard to hear what is important to them. A little help from modern technology can go a long way to make the task of hearing a whole lot easier.”

After his residency with the Manhattan Veterans Administration Medical Center, Dr. Krasnick has continually worked in private practice audiology with a focus on aural rehabilitation for adults using hearing aids. He would love to help you on your journey towards better hearing.

What is it like to work with Dr. Krasnick?

Dr. Krasnick loves helping people make sense of the huge variety of options available to help with a hearing impairment. He comes to work every day with a compassion for helping people hear. You will experience this excitement from the minute you set foot into the office.

Dr. Krasnick will set you up with a personalized aural rehabilitation plan, taking all of your unique needs into full consideration. Dr. Krasnick will empower you to take ownership of your hearing impairment by equipping you with the skills and tools you need to reopen doors that have been closed on account of the difficulties associated with living with hearing loss.

Living in NYC with a hearing impairment is much harder than living in quieter parts of the world. There is a lot going on all the time and everything is close together. Typical NYC sounds can range from super quiet birds in Central Park, to super loud construction noise on Second Avenue. It is my job to make sure that my patients are experiencing the sounds that are important to them and not the annoying sounds that come along with big city life.

Dr. Krasnick possesses an intimate and deep understanding of the technology within hearing aids. Starting in his childhood, Dr. Krasnick has put his hands and mind on thousands of different kinds of noise-making gadgets which has given him an affinity with audio technology. This, coupled with his formal education, gives him the knowledge and experience to help his patients maximize the benefit they will get from their technology during treatment.

In addition, Dr. Krasnick has a unique talent for translating his patients’ subjective complaints about the sounds they hear into actionable changes in their treatment which results in greater patient satisfaction.

Very few people have the vocabulary to describe sound using words that are purely scientific. People use all kinds of colorful words to describe what they feel they are hearing. My job is to interpret their words and come up with the correct solution to the problem. While I have a lot of electronic tools that I use to get figure out the answer to these problems, nothing can the place of listening to the patient and figuring out what and how they want to hear.

Dr. Krasnick will educate you about the process of treating hearing loss and help you understand the subtleties of his technical decision making. This extra emphasis on education will allow you to become more aware of how and why certain things happen with their treatment.

Moving forward with Sutton Hearing & Balance

At Sutton Hearing & Balance, follow up care is not part of the treatment process, it IS the treatment process. Dr. Krasnick takes follow up visits very seriously and requires everyone to stay in touch and so that they receive the service and cleaning that are necessary to get the most out of their hearing technology.

Dr. Krasnick stays up to date with the latest alternative tools and technologies to help his patients with their hearing impairments. In addition, he possesses a gift for patiently instructing even the most technology-phobic individuals on how to integrate these tools and technologies into their lifestyle.

Dr. Krasnick is especially in-tune with the needs of patients in the music and entertainment industry and has experience in customizing audio monitoring technology for both professional and recreational listening purposes.

Count on Dr. Krasnick

At your visit, Dr. Krasnick will…

  • Identify issues with your hearing – and provide solutions.
  • Help you understand the nature of your hearing loss and how it affects your life.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of using hearing technology and help you choose which of the many options will be right for you.
  • Adjust hearing aids for optimal results in an urban environment.

Dr. Krasnick offers:

  • Supplemental materials and instructions to maximize the benefit you obtain from your hearing technology.
  • Education on conservation of hearing to prevent future hearing loss – especially for musicians and concertgoers.

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