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Dr. Aaron Krasnick will assess your unique hearing aid needs* and help you to find the technology that will give you the best chances for hearing success. We offer audiological and balance services, state-of-the-art hearing aid fitting and tailoring, and repair.

What distinguishes Dr. Krasnick as an audiologist?

With a doctoral degree from the City University of New York and a bachelor's degree in music and audio engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Dr. Krasnick raises the bar in audiology care. This training includes his residency work with the Manhattan Veterans Administration Medical Center.

  1. Dr. Krasnick brings an uncompromising level of compassion and an ability to advocate for and empower his patients to take ownership of their hearing impairment. He expertly counsels them on the steps needed to improve their quality of life.
  2. Dr. Krasnick marries each of his patients with a custom aural rehabilitation plan, taking all of their unique needs into full consideration. He skillfully equips his patients with the tools they need to reopen doors that have been closed on account of the difficulties associated with living with hearing loss.
  3. Dr. Krasnick possesses an intimate and deep understanding of the technology within hearing aids which helps him maximize the benefit his patients get from their technology during treatment. In addition, Dr. Krasnick has a unique talent for translating his patients' subjective complaints about the sounds they hear into actionable changes in their treatment which results in greater patient satisfaction.
  4. Dr. Krasnick educates his patients about the process of treating hearing loss and helps them understand the subtleties of his technical decision making. This extra emphasis on education allows his patients to become more aware of how and why certain things happen with their treatment. Patient expectations are adjusted, and then surpassed with premium quality care.
  5. Dr. Krasnick stays up to date with the latest alternative tools and technologies to help his patients with their hearing impairments. In addition, he possesses a gift for patiently instructing even the most technology-phobic individuals on how to integrate these tools and technologies into their lifestyle.
  6. Dr. Krasnick is especially in-tune with the needs of patients in the music and entertainment industry and has experience in customizing audio monitoring technology for both professional and recreational listening purposes.

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